Life is full of contrasts. As we navigate expectations and dreams in search of meaning and comfort, we long for a balanced life with room to be ourselves. A place where we can realise the true value of things, and feel at home. Based on a passion for authentic design and with responsibility at the heart of every choice we make, we create honest products and calm environments that inspire you to balance the contrasts in life.

    Ferm Living works with artisans around the world, fusing Scandinavian mindset with global skills and traditions. Our collections are defined by soft forms, rich textures and curious details that let you create composed atmospheres with a touch of the unexpected. From materials and processes to production and delivery, we challenge ourselves to help shape a sustainable future, making it easier for you to make responsible choices. We create collections of furniture, accessories and lighting, so you can create space to feel comfortably you.

    Our biggest ambition is, and has always been, to inspire people to create the kind of space that makes them feel comfortable, that allows them to be themselves in their own home. A home, after all, is much more than a collection of beautiful objects – it’s the place where life happens.